Train The Trainer

Become a Certified Infinity Healing Trainer.


 Would you like to earn $14,000 by offering ONE course?


Would you like to learn how to become a Master Trainer and share the powerful Infinity Healing technique with the world? 


Would you like to work PERSONALLY with Tarek and his team, and with the support of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs, to teach others the power and potential of Infinity Healing?

The Train The Trainer course will give you the knowledge and skills you to teach others how to become Infinity Healers. This is an exclusive opportunity for certified Infinity Healers. If you are not already a qualified healer, check out the certification program here: 

  • 1

    Learn Tarek's blueprint for running your own Infinity Healing Training Course

    • Share your knowledge and experience as an Infinity Healer and support others in developing their gifts to serve the world.
    • Learn to do the official Infinity Healing attunement.
    • Learn how to successfully structure your classes, develop your personal training plan and deliver it with confidence and success.
  • 2

    Get Amazing Results for your Clients

    • Empower healers from all walks of life by introducing them to Infinity Healing.
    • Learn to RELEASE, CLEAR, BALANCE and INTEGRATE for clients as part of their development as Infinity Healers.
    • Teach others how to get the incredible results you KNOW ARE POSSIBLE, bringing success and abundance to their healing work.
  • 3

    Boost your income as a Certified Infinity Healing Trainer

    • Receive a Certificate as a Trainer and all the materials you need to give to your students when they graduate.
    • Attract infinite opportunities and clients to your training business.
    • Learn to charge properly for your time, knowledge and skills, creating an extra lucrative stream of income training others (charging up to $20k per class!)


Real Life Results!

It's made a big difference in my life... really changed the way I look at life... clearer and more positive. With clients, I've seen changes in their relationships...manifesting money, getting jobs...all unfolding REALLY WELL. Infinity Healing is the most amazing modality available.

Infinity Healing is so powerful! It's so beautiful! I'm already getting amazing results from the people I'm working with. Everyone who's thinking about it - JUST DO IT!

Absolutely love the Infinity healing course. I highly recommend the practitioners course.

So easy and is much fun to learn. It's improved my life, my health, my clients and my money flow. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tarek Bibi for this program!

I was drawn to this course and here I am, a graduate - so THANK YOU - I'm now an Infinity Healer!

A truly amazing, amazing course. The power, the energy was amazing. It's been life-changing. Like meeting my soul family."


Find out more about the Infinity Healing Level 1 program HERE.


Investment Options

We offer special bundle rates for those interested in learning Infinity Healer Level 1 (pre-recorded) & Train the Trainer at the same time. 

Click to find out more and apply for the course

To find out more simply complete the form and one of our team will contact you. This will allow us to find out more about your goals and aspirations and assess whether Train The Trainer is suitable. The call is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to enroll on the program.

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Introducing Tarek

Tarek "Bliss" Bibi is a rising star with a massive following who has already changed the lives of over one million people worldwide. He has been labeled an empath, indigo, starseed, earth angel, and lightworker.
Tarek works with business women and men on the spiritual path to help them "Thrive Doing What They Love!" Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality, he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts' desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have struggled to achieve results before.
Tarek Bibi, aka Mr. Miraculous, is a facilitator of inner transformation, helping people around the world transcend their emotional and psychological blocks at the core level. In an instant, Tarek is able to help people release years of pain and problems to Live Life Miraculously!
A popular speaker on telesummits, in the media, and festivals, Tarek's warm, sincere and heart-centered presence helps and heals all who are inspired by his own journey from abuse to living an inspired life.

Tarek Bibi


Infinity Healing Has Been Voted The #1 Healing Modality On The Planet By Many Healers Who Have Tried Every Healing Modality And Did Not Get Results Till They Received An Infinity Healing.

We have trained Infinity Healers in many different parts of the world.

South Africa, Australia, Germany, Saudia Arabia, Canada and the U.S.

Many have had miraculous shifts in their lives and the lives of their clients.

They love how easy it is and how it can help address almost any issue and clear it from the root for good!

There are some modalities out there that have been compromised.

Both myself and several of my clients have had first hand experience with this. Infinity Healing makes sure the energy is kept pristine and intact and comes only straight from the Source. After 10 years of sharing these healings with the world and perfecting the process I am now offering to train others to be Certified Infinity Healing Trainers.

More Success Stories From Tarek's Clients

Jalata Abdo

I paid off $53,000 in debt!

“I was able to refinance my house that I have never been able to do because of my credits score or income problem. This morning when I woke up, I received a package full of checks so I paid off $53,000 worth of debts. I am a much happier person now

Thank you!”


Cancer Undetectable!

“About a week ago the Dr. told me until further notice to consider that I have uterine and possibly breast cancer too. I asked for and received the blessings and healings from you. Today, I had a highly specialized ultra sound and the Dr. came to read it. He looked at it several times and said that he just could not understand it, but all was completely clear!“


I've had the most profitable weeks of the year!

“My Mojo had gone. It felt like for good, no matter what I tried. Using Tarek Bibi’s Program has just given me the busiest and most profitable weeks of 2012. Now I’m making good money again. I’m happy and my customers are happy too. The work keeps coming in. I am a 100% certain this would not have happened without Tarek’s Program – it is that good. Life feels good again. Thank you Tarek!“



New Job - New Home.

“I was homeless and had been for some time. I needed help. After receiving Tarek’s healings, I was employed and was dwelling in my own apartment. Then I was the Assistant Manager and had survived an economic downturn in the company. After the next healing, the company I was employed at had turned around its economic position and I was seated in my own office responsible for now training a new employee to be successful at the job I had mastered!“

Judy Hoyt

United States

More Deserving

“I can say that I feel stronger, I feel more self love and appreciation, I feel more deserving. My relationships are changing. I’m changing my feelings and beliefs about money. The healing the inner child module alone would be worth the price of the package.“

Barbara Patterson

Body Breakthrough Coach

Energy Healing with Turbo Power!

“Tarek is the real deal. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing. I have tried reiki, eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek’s program.”


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