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Millionaire Mind Matrix

Download the Minds Of The Top Wealth Experts The World Has Ever Seen!





Attention:  Healers, Light Workers, Coaches, Empaths & Spiritual People...

Finally, You Can Download & Become The Wisdom
From The Top Wealth Experts

​​For Over 10 Years, People Just Like You Have Been Getting Their Investment Back And Even Making 10X Within Weeks (If Not Days) With Tarek’s Infinity Healing!

If you’re a spiritual person, then chances are you’re struggling with money issues.


And it's easy to say that “money isn’t that important to us”...


But the reality is that until you conquer your subconscious money blocks that are holding you back, you’ll never be able to play a bigger game and have the impact that you desire.


And WE NEED YOU to help change the world in this desperate time of need!

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Challenges?

  • Constantly feeling broke
  • A disappointing bank balance
  • High amounts of debt
  • Unfulfilling job or career
  • Not doing what you love
  • Financial stress and worry
  • Not charging enough for services
  • Low self esteem and self worth
  • Lack mentality
  • Settling for less in life

Imagine what it would be like to feel financially stable and safe.

Or more importantly… to have an abundance of money in your life so you can achieve all your goals and dreams!

Millionaires & Abundant People Just Think & Act Differently

If you could think and act like a millionaire, then you would easily find ways for money to flow into your life.

There would be no struggle and you would naturally know just what to do to make more money and keep it in your life.

So you can try reading books and “thinking” like a millionaire.

Or you can instantly download and become the wisdom of the top wealth experts the world has ever seen with the Millionaire Mind Matrix (and it only takes 12 weeks)!

Here’s Why Tarek Bibi Is Unique

Firstly, Tarek is an amazing healer who actually walks his talk.


He’s a 6-figure healer who travels the world with a laptop doing what he loves and thrives from his passions as a healer, mentor and musician.


But most importantly, his clients get massive results and he has changed the lives of over 1 million people around the world.


Simply by using his extremely powerful Infinity Healing.




Here’s What Others Have Already Experienced With Tarek...

“Anastasha manifested $20,000 in only 2 months!”


“Shannon manifested $50,000 the NEXT DAY after her one-on-one session!”


"Sonny Manifested $70,000 in less than 2 months!"


“Claire cleared $100,000 in school debt 2 days after session”


“Wow, you helped me save $150,000 in attorney fees with a quick resolution to a case that had been dragging on for over a year!” ~ Claudia


“Liz Manifested an extra $7,000 in 30 days!”


“Regina manifested $4,000 in 2 weeks!”


“An unexpected $5,000 landed in my lap!” ~ Ron


"In less than a month, Jean manifested $5,000 AND a Fully Booked Practice"


"Stef from Austria manifested more clients, full workshops and even received 6,000 Euros Out of the Blue!"


“Jillian’s Income Doubled!"


"Kris sales boomed to $10,000 after only one month!"

​Here’s Just 4 Reasons Infinity Healing Is So Powerful!

 1. Infinity Healing Is Guided By Your Higher Self For What You Really Need 

Most modalities have you define the issue you want to help with, but your conscious mind is only aware of 5-10% of what’s going on and the other 90% is hidden deep below the surface in your subconscious.


So you keep trying different healers, get no long-term results and then end up blaming yourself.


Infinity Healing is guided by your Higher Self, so it always knows exactly what you need to work on to get to the next level in your evolution.

 2. Tarek Isn’t Your Only Healer… Source Takes It To The Next Level 

Tarek has many experiences where healers would get into their ego and think they were special because they were the ones who were “going to heal you”.


Tarek is humble and knows that even with the best of all the healing modalities he’s built into Infinity Healing… it’s never going to be perfect.


So the rest is left to the Source and you get the perfect healing experience from the true Master Healer of the Universe… The Source itself! It’ll be connected directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.

3. It Continues To Work As Long As Needed After Your Session

Tarek never liked the idea of having to pay someone over and over again for small results each time.


So with Infinity Healing, Source will continue to work on autopilot as it heals your Core Challenge until it’s completely healed.


One client has reported that her patterns were still being cleared automatically 6 months after the session!



4. It Works On All Space, Time And Dimensions



It doesn’t matter if your challenge stemmed from a past life, an ancestral issue or the collective consciousness.


Source will work on it and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors, past lives and wherever else it’s needed.


So you don’t need to worry about where the Core Challenge came from because Source will find it and heal it for you.


By downloading your Millionaire Mind Matrix you’ll...


  • Increase your financial abundance
  • Increase your spiritual mastery
  • Be able to fully share your gifts and abilities
  • Align with your ultimate purpose
  • Make a bigger difference in the world


​Imagine a life full of abundance and opportunities to share your gifts with the world!

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Tarek

“I manifested $58K then another 70K in mere months!”

“Jean Manifested $5,000 and a fully booked practice in less than a month!”


“$20,000 in 2 months!”


“Jillian’s income DOUBLED!”


"I was really resistant to joining Tarek's "6 Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur Program.


I interviewed over 12 different business coaches and Tarek was completely different.


Before the program I was earning $2,800 per month with my business AND working for someone else.


Money didn't seem to stay in my pocket, and I was even worried about feeding myself and my cat!


But since joining the program, my life has completely changed..


Within 3 months of the program, I quit working for someone else and was already earning $6,000 in my own business!


I recommend Tarek's work to ALL my friends. His healings clear the way for you to receive massive abundance in a short period of time!


This is the BEST investment I've ever made in myself."


~ Jillian

“From Struggle To Effortless $10,000 Manifestation!”

"I have purchased many packages over the past year and a half to raise my vibration for more financial abundance and just more joy in my life.

They have all helped me in some way, but nothing has given me the profound and fast results that your energies have.


Within three weeks, I had amazing results that netted me nearly $10,000 the first month of effortless sales when I had been struggling for many months! It has been so exciting to see what each day will bring.


Thank you for bringing joy and peace back to my life. Love Your Work! Love You!"


~ Kris Olson

“$100,000 In School Debt Suddenly Disappeared”

"I was having self-destructive tendencies, had major financial obstacles, and was living in fear…


Two days after I had my one on one session with Tarek, I received a call telling me that I had been accepted into a special program for graduate school loan repayment. Essentially, they told me about an incredible repayment program and enrolled me on the spot.


I had so much fear and denial about repaying my school loans and suddenly they were not an issue. Over $100,000 in school debt disappeared.


While I have had a lot of help from many spiritual healers over the past few months (even my immediate financial situation has changed with random reimbursements in the mail), Tarek’s work speaks directly to my soul. His energy work is consistently potent and powerful. His compassion is inspirational. The last time l listened to one of Tarek’s healings, I saw the biggest dragonfly of my life flying around me 

If you want your life to shift, then buy his program!"


~ Christine (Medical student) - USA


If You’re Ready To Download And BECOME The Wisdom From The Top Wealth Experts The World Has Ever Seen, Then The Millionaire Mind Matrix Is For You!

Millionaire Mind Matrix

By: Tarek Bibi

4 Agreements


Celestine Prophecy


Audio From Spiritual 6 Figure

Program For Healers


Silent Audio To Manifest

A Millionaire Mindset


The 5 Love Languages


Infinite Abundance Healing MP3


Millionaire Mind Matrix - 8 Modules

This is a 3 month journey where 1 new audio will be sent to you every week as you tune yourself to abundance and create a Millionaire Mind.

There are 8 classic and must read books on money, wealth, abundance and prosperity that have been credited for creating thousands of millionaires all over the planet.


The Millionaire Mind Matrix will be downloading, integrating and activating the wisdom from these amazing 8 books so you become the wisdom that’s contained within their pages… naturally.

Module 1
Activate Your Millionaire Mind

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Master your mind for success
  • Overcome fear
  • Think and Become a Millionaire
  • Become Bigger than your problems
  • Know what you truly desire
  • Manage Your Finances

And so much more...

Module 2
Discover The Secret To The Laws Of Attraction

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Master the laws of attraction
  • Practice more Gratitude
  • Manifest Your Desires
  • Attract your soulmate, soul tribe
  • Manifest Financial Abundance
  • Experience your ultimate career

Module 3
Understanding The Science Of Getting Rich

​In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Maximize the value you offer others
  • Have a definite Vision
  • Activate your Creativity
  • Use the power of your Imagination
  • Increase your belief in self
  • Take Inspired action


Module 4
Become The Richest Man In Babylon (or wherever you live)

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Bring your desires into fulfillment
  • Learning the 7 Laws Of Money
  • Increase your ability to earn
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Commit to your mission
  • Attract more money and opportunities
  • Manage your finances

Module 5
Manifest a Pocket Full of Money

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Bridge spirituality and money
  • Manifest financial abundance
  • Master Your Energy
  • Become a money master
  • See the game of money from a spiritual level
  • Play the money game to win
  • Master the laws of money

Module 6
Break Free From The Money Matrix

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Play the money game to win
  • Consciously create your financial reality
  • Be the director of your life
  • Inspire others to be their best selves
  • Dream Bigger than ever before
  • Grow and expand outside of your comfort zone

Module 7
Think and Grow Rich

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Have a specific aim and a burning desire to achieve it
  • Create a mastermind to help you achieve your dreams
  • Increase your level of faith
  • Commit to your decisions
  • Learn to be persistent
  • Act on your intuition

Module 8
Master The Laws Of Success

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Learn to sit quietly daily
  • Give from your overflow
  • Create positive karma
  • Learn to be detached from the outcome
  • Align with your passion and purpose
  • Let go of the past



BONUS 1: 4 Agreements 

Value: $400


In this bonus audio you will learn the 4 agreements that will change your life:

  • How not to take things personally
  • How to always be impeccable with your word
  • How to do your best
  • Don’t make assumptions

And this includes a special bonus of the 5th principle.

  • Be skeptical but learn to listen




BONUS 2: Celestine prophecy

Value: $400


This includes:

  • Seeing the synchronicities around you
  • Activate the power of giving
  • Knowing your life mission
  • Following your intuition
  • Feeling the divine inside you

Including an extra bonus for Clearing Control Dramas:

  • Clear your childhood traumas that keep you stuck in old ways of giving and receiving energy
  • Learn evolved ways to give and receive energy
  • How to break out of unconscious cycles
  • Overcome triggers that used to make you shut down

You can play this silent audio on repeat all day and night as you:

  • Manifest infinite opportunities to make millions
  • Think, act and feel like a millionaire
  • Receive the perfect million dollar idea
  • Follow your intuition toward a million dollar idea
  • Take inspired action to manifest millions of dollars

Within it are encoded the millionaire codes and activations because it’s easy to manifest money… but to have a Millionaire Mindset means you are also able to keep it.

​Learn what is your love language and what is the love language of your loved ones.

This will change your way of interacting with your loved ones so that everyone involved will feel loved.

  • Learn how you receive love the best way
  • Learn how to give love to others in the best way

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How should I use these MP3s?


For the silent audio (in the file below), you can listen to it on repeat as much as possible. I would highly suggest getting started with this ASAP.

I’ve manifested thousands of dollars in sales and even had one person tell me they created a $50,000 offer the next day! For the remainder of the audio, listen to each audio once and then move onto the next audio one week later.


Q. What happens if I fall asleep while listening to a module?


If you fall asleep OK and many people do. It still works to heal you although you may want to go back and listen to it again another time just to get some of the spoken information Tarek shares.


Q. What happens if I get frustrated or want to give up?


Most people get results right away and that’s enough to motivate them. Some get results down the road, so you should stay optimistic. Just set your intentions for the program, repeat it as an affirmation each day and trust the process.

What Do You Need To Do?


Simply listen to a module (one audio track) of Millionaire Mind Matrix per week and play the silent audio Manifest A Millionaire Mindset on loop each night. Then do any assignments suggested by the audios and that’s it.


It’s never been easier to heal your money blocks and create a Millionaire Mind!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying....

“Natalia cleared $12,000 in debt after one session!”

“Regina Manifested $4,000 in 2 weeks!”

“Liz manifested an extra $7,000 in 30 days!”

"Gained so much energy and wisdom!"


"I have listened to all of the mp3, these calls are absolutely amazing!
I have gained so much beautiful energy, wisdom, peace,
calmness from these calls. I can't thank you and Tarek enough for this opportunity.






"Busiest Month Ever!"


"After listening to Tarek's Audio program, it has just given me the busiest and most profitable weeks.
of this year. I am now making good money again. I'm
happy and my customers are happy too. The work keeps
coming in. I have excellent ideas to grow my business."



"I made $70,000 after only 2.5 Months on this program!"


"With Tarek's healing and guidance. I've had so many clients reach out to me.
I've made over $70,000 in just a few months!"






"I experienced a 300% increase in clients in a year!"


I've experienced an over 300% increase in clients over the course of the year!
I've tried many programs, but with Infinity Healing,
There are powerful inner shifts and tangible results.
started to happen so fast!"


~Stacy, Chicago, IL




Here Are Even More Success Stories....

“Manifested over $5K today!”

“I manifested $5,214 in commitments for my services today! Thank you so much, Tarek, for giving me such a great reference for what we can accomplish when we work together for our highest good!!!”


~ Jill Borsos (Life Coach) - United States

“$1,000 instant manifestation”

“After listening to the audio, I manifested an unexpected payment of $1000!”


~ Lilia


“$5,000 Dollars Landed In My Lap!”

“Well I Did The Money Audio And Less Than A Week Later $5,000 Dollars Landed In My Lap.
It Came At The Perfect Time!”


~ Ron - Las Vegas

“You Helped me Save Over $150,000!”

NEXT DAY the bank calls, apologizing for “the delay” -and giving a precious answer to an important question (even with the ombudsman’s help, they had ignored me for a year).

Today their lawyer wrote that the convention would be ready in a couple of days… pre-approved by all of his clients. I'm still waiting for it, but the way it is looking, this program will have saved me around $150,000 USD!!

Here’s the latest miracle: I also found two properties this week for the price of one.
Thank you Tarek. I really WAS at the end of my rope.”


~ Claudia Calvo - Costa Rica

“Paid Off $53,000 In Debt!”


“I was able to refinance my house, which I have never been able to do because of my credit score or income problem. I have got it at a very low interest rate, from 6.75% to 4.375%.
This morning when I woke up, I received a package full of checks so I paid off $53,000 worth of debts.

I paid off two car store credit cards. I paid off all debts and was able to deposit some money into my savings account. I am a very happy person now.

I have only one mortgage payment now. That is even less than what I used to pay for the mortgage before excluding all other payments. Thank you thank you”


~ Jalata Abdo

“Tarek is the Real Deal!”

“Tarek is the real deal. Everything is energy. It makes sense that if your desire is to change your life in any way, it needs to occur energetically. Our issues and blocks are deeply imbedded in layers like an onion. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing.

I have tried reiki, eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek’s program.”


~ Barbara Patterson (Body Breakthrough Coach)


© Copyright 2020 Tarek Bibi

About Tarek Bibi


Tarek "Bliss" Bibi is a rising star with a massive social media following who has already changed the lives of over one million people worldwide.


Tarek works with business women and men on the spiritual path to help them "Thrive Doing What They Love!" Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality, he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts' desires with infinite ease and grace, even if they have struggled to achieve results before.


Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, is a facilitator of inner transformation, helping people on the spiritual path around the world transcend all their emotional and psychological blocks at their core level. In an instant, Tarek is able to help people release years of pain and problems to Live Life Miraculously!


A very sought after speaker on telesummits, in the media and festivals, Tarek's warm, sincere and loving heart-centred presence helps and heals all who are inspired by his own journey from abuse to living an inspired life.