Nirjharini Specializes in supporting clients to manifest...

Money Miracles

  • More clients and more flow in business
  • Money manifestations "out of nowhere"
  • Clearing receiving blocks and remaining in an expansive receptive state

Deeply connecting relationships

  • Empowering, clear, loving communication
  • Sexual healing, intimacy and connection
  • Forgiveness process for self and others

Embodying your Life Purpose

  • Reconnecting with your authentic voice,  talents and abilities
  • Healing issues around visibility, self-expression
  • Gaining vivid clarity around how to move forward in alignment with your soul's calling
  • and much more!
  • Every two weeks will tune into your energy and do a healing for what is in your highest good at that time. Will send you an email update of what is done.
  • At the end of the month receive a BONUS unique recorded audio for healing your core wounds
    • Healing imbalances in your Chakras that cause fear, uncertainty, scarcity
    • Support you in feeling aligned with your purpose, and feeling safe and confident.
    • Keep your energy consistently balanced to feel more secure, abundant, supported,and courageous in boldly up-leveling every area of your life.
    • 10 Powerful Energy Clearing Audios to heal deep seating unconscious blocks.
    • Clearing self-sabotage, fear of success, scarcity, shame, guilt and more.
    • Many have reported manifesting their ideal home, job and car in just a few weeks!
    • Healing the issues that stand in the way of you Thriving Doing what You Love including..
      • Gaining clarity on your goals
      • Aligning with your Life Purpose
      • Healing blocks around "being seen" and having infinite authentic confidence
      • and more!


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Here’s What Other People Are Saying About Nirjharini

"After the session I made a big decision on a career and life"

- Briana

"I love the way you framed the affirmations which were perfectly suited to my situation for optimal healing!"

"Thank you so much!  You have a very calm and soothing voice and manner and you facilitated a lovely meditative healing for me. I love the way you framed the affirmations which were perfectly suited to my situation for optimal healing! ”

- Christine

"Now I can face the situations that might be difficult for me with much more ease and calm

- Hanna